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Important Project Get Funded Thanks to Luvina Beckley

March 10, 2018

Considering the level of leadership offered by Luvina Beckley and her firm, MHM and Associates, it should be obvious that she and her firm are considered among the best in their business. Luvina and MHM are based in Riverside, California and their job is to provide private grant writing, consulting and management services. That means their primary function is to encourage local governments and other organizations to work in partnership with appropriate funders to increase the economic, social, and environmental welfare of the communities in which they work. And they do quite well.

It is clear that the strategies Luvina Beckley employs on behalf of these organizations does work. Luvina and MHM have managed to reset the industry standard when it comes to accessing grants and investments in a way that makes a number of great projects possible. Through targeted investment to specific projects, they have shown themselves capable of expanding the capacity of local businesses and other employers, which means they can hire more, and they have been able to increase the skills of local workers to make them more widely employable.

The challenge Luvina Beckley sees daily is to face the future head on. And so far, the tactics she uses have worked like a charm. Their primary business model has produced a success rate of about 77 percent and it has managed to bring in well over $100 million in grants for various projects, as well as recognition from the state of California and the federal government for their design and efficiency when it comes to improving communities.